AT HOME is specialized and is having more than 10 years of experience in concieving architectural projects for loghouses.

Most of our clients are Estonian loghouses producers and resellers or investors in Norway and Sweden. Our main partners are: A & H Ristpalkmajad, EstNor, Kenavara, Loodusmaja, LogArt, Majand, Majorett, Mesterlaft Norge, Tender Ehitus ja Vang Bygg. In addition to main architectural drawings we are also offering production views of all walls (for more details look at sample project page 10-12).

From time to time we also make projects for private clients in Estonia from which four of them are below:

112 Paistu 145+20 Noa-Rootsi
148 Lahemaa 169+20 Vihula


AT HOME OÜTel + 372 51 43 565 Fax +372 64 64 959 Valdeku 9-2, 11621 Tallinn